About Us

Limpet Heating is specialized in design and development of high end process temperature maintenance solutions for sensitive products. Our solutions can be fitted on a wide range of equipment to provide process heat or heat maintenance for industrial processes or frost protection.

The current range of standard products consists of solutions for accurate temperature management of IBC's, pumps, valves, flowmeters, pipes, flanges and other equipment that is difficult or expensive to heat using traditional means, such as trace heating, hot air, induction electrical heaters or hot water systems.

Our solutions are aimed at the process industry, in particular those sectors that work with sensitive products that require accurate temperature control. Especially customers active in food & beverage, pulp & paper, chemical, shipbuilding and oil & gas will benefit from Limpet Heating's innovative solutions.

Sales network
Limpet Heating is currently looking for partners that would like to play an active role in representing Limpet Heating's products.

Interested in becoming an authorized distributor? 
Contact us for possibilities at info@limpetheating.eu or call +31 (0)183-201088.

If you are having problems providing heat to a particular piece of equipment or a component in your process or plant, there must be a Limpet Heating solution to solve that.