Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Limpet Heating System be available?
There are now several models of Limpet available for sale. Several other models are currently under development and will be available shortly, as soon as field trials have been completed. We a planning to launch other models in 2019.
What temperature range will the Limpet provide?
How energy efficient is it?
How do I know if the Limpet is working?
How do I know if the Limpet isn't working?
Do I need to use insulation?
What supply voltage / power supply is required?
What IP rating is it?
Why is it better/different to trace heating or water jacket heating?
How easy is it to change temperature settings?
Can I program the Limpet to switch on automatically in a frost-protection application?
Is there a danger of electrocution when I adjust the temperature or program, the Limpet?
How accurate is the set-point temperature?
How quickly does the Limpet heat up?
How will I know how to program the Limpet?
Is the Limpet easy to remove for maintenance of the work-piece?
What maintenance does the Limpet need?
What is the lifetime of the Limpet?
What sort of electrical connections do I need for the Limpet system?
Do I have to buy an adaptor block?